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NestJS and Kafka

Unlocking Kafka’s potential within NestJS offers developers a streamlined path to robust message queuing capabilities, crucial for building scalable and efficient microservices. By embracing unique group IDs for each service and distinguishing between recoverable and unrecoverable errors, this approach not only enhances reliability but also adheres to the principles of the twelve-factor app, ensuring that services can gracefully scale and recover from failures.

Separation of Style and Content — Why MUI Sucks

Rooted in the foundational principles of web development, our exploration champions best practices for web design by tracing the evolutionary path of the web’s core technologies. This journey reaffirms our commitment to adherence to these enduring standards, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and function in the digital age.

Blockchain Comparision

Which blockchains are interesting and for what reasons and purposes could they prevail? A comparison with an evaluation of the properties of relevant blockchains, based on criteria such as security, functionality, and technology.

Are Blockchains Safe Toward Quantum Computing?

While it is possible that quantum computers could potentially compromise the security of blockchains in the future, there are several reasons to believe that blockchains will be safe towards quantum computing, including the use of proof-of-work algorithms and the development of quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms.

FTX and UST Disasters: Not a Blockchain Issue

Why the fails of FTX and Terra LUNA / UST are rather a proof of a healthy crypto market than a problem of the blockchain concept.

Git Submodule from Existing Path with Branches

How to migrate an existing path within an existing project including all tags and branches into a new project in git, then add that new project as submodule to the original project.

Even Longer Way To a Stable Cloud

To control your data, you must own the infrastructure. This is the story of how I built up a full cloud infrastructure with storage, including an overview of all major fails and disasters on the way.

Write a Common CSS Style Library

How Pacta Plc. created a versatile style and component library as base of all products and websites.

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